Passementerie: (pahs-mahn-tree)
noun: a decoration or adornment, ornate trimming of braid, cord, bead.
The House of Passementerie champions the resurgence of maximalism in interiors, with a wealth of inspiring trimmings and tiebacks for adding a decorative touch to your home.  Shunning the white walls and neutral furnishings of minimalism for a glamorous blend of colour and texture.  Too much is never enough when it comes to creating a home and making it a personal celebration of all things beautiful.  Everything from furniture, cushions, throws and bed covers, lampshades, curtains and blinds can be embellished with layers and layers of these gorgeous trimmings and tiebacks, it is never too much!
Up until now, though, these embellishments have been seen as too expensive and an unaffordable luxury, to many.  The House of Passementerie has filled this gap in the market, offering these items at affordable prices, without compromising the design or quality, to everyone, countrywide.
Yhe House of Passementerie 
The House of Passementerie 
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